The Science Project

With over 15 years’ experience performing, “the Science Project” is hard to pin a genre label on, and is poised to take on the notion that direction be solely based on popular trends. One part Prog-Rock, one part disco, a dash of reggae, and a whole lot of weird only scratches the surface of what the group is capable of, their debut album is being recorded right now, and they are already releasing new numbers at their high energy live shows which have helped the band gain respect of their musical peers in such short period. Songwriting was an interest of him from a young age, listening to polka and country western tunes as well as 50’s standards on a mono AM radio was his introduction to the music world, and the storytelling of those songs was a heavy influence on his writing and song selection. Now, almost 20 years later, he is building on past musical experiences to set out on a unique adventure to change the perspective of potential listeners, pushing the boundaries of what music is. Having just hit 20k plays on SoundCloud in their first year, and with a series of high profile events scheduled for Spring / Summer, 2018 appears to be the breakout year for the group centered around Michael Brandt and William Baxter.

The Gator Attack

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