The Science Project

With over 15 years’ experience performing, “The Science Project” is hard to pin a genre label on, and is poised to take on the notion that direction be solely based on popular trends. One part Prog-Rock, one part disco, a dash of reggae, and a whole lot of weird only scratches the surface of what the group is capable of, with their self-recorded debut “Adjacent Dimensions” taking listeners on a Sgt. Peppers like smorgasbord of modern music, that band decided to take a more stripped back approach with their follow-up EP 3T:The Extraterrestrial Experience, employing a sound more similar to their music contemporaries. Live performances from the band are anything but predictable, with the band eschewing the standard set list format to create a more free flowing style of live performance, playing music similar to the way a DJ would mix songs, mixing and mashing along the way originals and covers to create a completely original sound...

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