The Science Project

Quotes: “The first place we have to go is Appleton, Wisconsin, a city about 2 hours northeast of Madison at the top of Lake Winnebago. Odds are you’ve never heard of it unless you’ve lived in Wisconsin, played a gig there, or had some business at Lawrence University. That aside, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Let’s go to Appleton for the weekend, it’ll be fun.” There is, however, a musician who just might change that and his name is William Baxter. Funny story, the first time I saw this guy, he led his band into the Alchemy Cafe in Madison, they barely fit everyone on stage, and he didn’t say five words to me. I had to earn that shit. When I saw him play guitar, though, I knew he was really special and I had to get in touch with him. Will is a self-made man in just about every way you could possibly imagine. He grew up in less-than-ideal circumstances and didn’t have anyone to really teach him music at all, so he had to learn as much as possible on his own. Going to college for music (or anything else, at least until more recently) was out of the question as well. Get him on stage next to some music majors now though and he could potentially make them look ridiculous. See William is one of the more determined musicians that I’ve ever met from both a music and a business standpoint. As a guitar player, he has become proficient and that proficiency is growing. As he has recently completed a degree in business, he’s exploring the business side of music as well, attempting things that will make him stand out as an artist and get people to take notice. As a musician, William’s main project is called the Science Project and I think that makes a lot of sense. What is music after all if not one big artistic science experiment? The other interesting thing is that this is a project that can take a number of different forms. Sometimes, it’s a solo or duo acoustic show. Sometimes it’s William doing a solo electric guitar and DJ show similar to what Derek VanScoten does with Cloudchord. Often times, his good friend Mike joins in on bass. Sometimes the electronic elements are left behind and it becomes a full band with drums and whatever other players are available. In addition to being a great guitar player, William can sing like a motherfucker, so he likes to write and perform all different kinds of songs and not be limited strictly to electronic music. I think of this guy as a brother I never had mainly because of our mutual love for so many different genres of music. The difference is that while William will present his music in a variety of settings, I like to take all the influences that I have and use them within the framework of electronic music because I find it gives me greater freedom. William is very determined to take his music as far as possible and he really deserves it. He puts a lot of time into both his music and the business end and is also the only person in the world who could convince me to take the 2 hour drive to Appleton for anything.” -Nathan Relles (Author/Musician)

Playing music has been a passion for this producer since his early teens, and the Science Project is a continuation of a lifelong musical journey. Adept in numerous instruments, his preference and most experience comes on the guitar, where his talents have been part of numerous projects throughout the years, most notably Stargoyle, who in their short time blazed a path for themselves in the Wisconsin and Midwest music scenes with ease. Aided by the addition of talented bassist Michael Brandt and a collective of artists from the Fox Valley Music scene and abroad this outfit plans on taking the combination of live band dynamics and the pounding pulse of electronic music to a new level, combining elements of American Funk music with world music elements such as Arabian traditional and Bohemian Folk music.

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